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Bulgarian Properties

NEW REDUCED PRICES !!! Chamkoria Apartments are now on offer at significantly reduced prices starting from just €500 per m2. At these prices they reflect the best value we have seen in the Borovets area for almost 10 years. These apartments in Bulgaria are now priced below the cost of construction which makes this an ideal time to buy if you are looking for a medium to long term investment. The apartments are fully completed and ready for the coming season. We have Bulgarian properties for sale from;


  • 1 bedroom apartments from €30,000
  • 2 bedroom apartments from €54,000
  • 3 bedroom apartments from €79,000
  • 4 bedroom ski chalets from €145,000

Take a look at our chalets and apartments in the video below.

If you are looking for more spacious Bulgarian properties why not check out one of our chalets for sale in Bulgaria. These ski properties are newly constructed in a beautiful alpine style and offer amazing mountain views. You can choose from Chalet Kozel - a luxury 4 bedroom chalet which comes fully furnished and ready to live in or alternatively Chalet Sokol which also has 4 bedrooms and is waiting for its new owners to complete the final furnishing.


Bulgaria Real Estate

The Bulgaria real estate market has seen significant changes over the last 10 years. After joining the EU in 2007 buying Bulgaria properties became very popular as an overseas property investment. This drove up prices and led to over development in certain areas, most notably along the Black Sea coastline and in the Bansko ski resort. When the global financial crisis hit in 2009 the prices of property in Bulgaria dropped due to the lack of credit and the oversupply of poor quality properties in these locations.

Now in 2012 Bulgaria real estate prices have settled and both local and international investors are again buying Bulgarian properties. They are being enticed by prices that in some cases are up to 50% below peak values and in a lot of cases properties in Bulgaria can now by purchased very close to the actual cost of construction. This makes them a great medium to long term investment as the cost of construction is continuously rising due to wage and commodity inflation. Over the last 10 years there has never been a better time to invest in Bulgaria real estate.

Bulgaria Properties

The Bulgaria real estate market varies from old houses in rural villages, to beach properties, modern city apartments and luxury ski apartments and chalets in the mountain resorts. However not all Bulgaria properties can be considered as good investments at this stage in the Bulgaria real estate cycle.

Whether you are buying property in Bulgaria as an investment strategy or as a personal holiday home it is important that you research the market and find the right Bulgarian real estate to suit your needs. Having researched the Bulgarian properties market in detail we have picked Borovets ski resort as the area best suited to future growth. The key reasons why you should consider buying Borovets property right now are;

  • Prices in the Borovets area are at the lowest level in the last 10 years
  • Many properties are for sale at below or near the cost of construction
  • Good value property is a very safe hedge against inflation. The cost of construction is continuously rising due to increased wages and commodity prices. This means property prices will continue to rise in the future
  • At present the global financial system is in crisis. Why leave your money in a bank which might go bust tomorrow leaving you with nothing. When you invest in property in Bulgaria you have a tangible asset which you own and control. In the current financial environment the old saying "as safe as houses" has never been more true
  • Bulgaria is on track to join the Schengen free travel zone in 2012. This will bring with it increased investment as businesses and individuals relocate to Bulgaria to gain access to the EU markets. This in turn will drive up the price of the Bulgarian properties market.
  • Bulgaria is expected to join the eurozone by 2015. This will result in a further surge in investment which will translate into higher prices for real estate in Bulgaria. This has been the case with all new countries joining the eurozone.
  • If you are buying one of our Bulgarian apartments then you can avail of financing up to 60%.
  • We recommend Borovets property as the best medium term investment in Bulgaria properties. Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria and the closest to Sofia. Sofia is the main transport hub and centre of wealth in Bulgaria. By buying real estate close to the capital you are securing the future growth and rental of your Bulgarian property.
  • 95% of Borovets is covered in forests and national park. This means there is very limited building land in Borovets and the area cannot become overdeveloped. Borovets has not and can not suffer from the same overdevelopment that has happened in places like the Black Sea coastline or Bansko ski resort. This is very important for the future growth of your Bulgaria properties both in terms of resale and rental.
  • The Super Borovets project is an ambitious redevelopment and expansion of the Borovets ski resort. It is set to transform the area over the next 10 years. 100km of new pistes are planned along with several new ski lifts and two golf courses. One of the new ski lifts is located right beside the Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments development. Progress of the Super Borovets project has been hampered by the global economic crisis however the land for the project has been purchased and the masterplan is already approved. We expect that the project will take up to 10 years to be fully realised but as soon as it recommences it will result in a huge increase in the value of Borovets property.
  • Rental yield on our Bulgarian properties is estimated at 6-8% per annum - we are committed to maximise your rental return and provide a range of Bulgarian property management services to help with this.

Bulgarian Property News

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Bulgarian properties down substantially since 2008 September 7, 2012

According to the latest reports, the value of the Bulgarian properties has dropped by approximately 50% after rising in 2008. This also includes the most demanded Bulgarian property types such as ski resorts and beach resorts. According to the COM, the ski resort of Borovets has witnessed a hike in the demand from the investors [...]

Bulgarian apartments in regional towns see some price movement September 6, 2012

According to the latest report by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute (NSI), which was conducted to measure the prices of Bulgarian apartments in the regional cities in 4Q 2011; the prices have almost been identical  to those prevailing in the same year’s 3Q. The fall in the prices on an average is only 1.5% just [...]

Is there hope for the Bulgaria Real Estate market? June 13, 2012

According to the market analysis reports, in 2011, the property prices in the Bulgaria real estate market dropped by an average of 8% as against the drop of 8.3% in 2010. With this report, it was concluded that the decrease of the prices of real estate in Bulgaria is slowly decelerating. Therefore, the concerned agencies [...]

Advice for buying ski chalets June 10, 2012

If you plan to buy ski chalets, then you should read this article so that you will be able to come up with the best possible decisions. There are a lot of ski chalets for sale. As you know, buying a chalet is a long term investment. You will be able to use it personally [...]

Bulgarian Properties Price Indexes for March 2012 June 1, 2012

At the end of the first quarter of this year, the Bulgarian Properties sales indexes revealed listing prices of the apartments in four key locations: Sunny Beach, Varna, Sofia, and Bansko. The purpose of these prices was to offer the latest information about the ongoing and new market trends in the Bulgarian property market. According [...]

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Real Estate In Bulgaria

At Concept Bulgaria Properties we understand the importance of having local support to guide you through the process of buying and managing your Bulgarian properties. This is why we offer a full range of after sales services so that you can be confident that your real estate in Bulgaria will be properly maintained and managed. You can read more about our range of after sales services and how we can help you if you are buying property in Bulgaria.

At Concept Bulgaria Properties we currently offer a range of luxury Bulgaria apartments and ski chalets for sale in Borovets. If you would like to speak with us about purchasing one of Bulgarian properties or if you have a general query about Bulgaria real estate please contact us.

We are always happy to discuss your investment goals and what you want to get out of your Bulgarian property investment. It is important to us that you understand all the aspects of investing in Bulgarian properties and we are happy to guide you through the process.

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