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Bulgarian Properties

At Concept Bulgaria we will help you find your perfect property in Bulgaria. As a family run business with over 10 years experience of the Bulgarian property market we provide a range of services to help you find and manage your holiday home in Bulgaria. Whether buying from us directly or just searching generally, we are more than happy to offer advice and guide your through the local real estate process.

Our main focus is in the mountain resort of Borovets which is close to the capital Sofia and one of the best locations for property investment in Bulgaria. Properties in the Borovets area offer the ideal mix of 4 season usage with skiing in the winter and a pleasant summer climate with temperatures around 25°C. The local area offers a range of activities including mountain biking, fishing, walking & hiking, wake boarding & water skiing, mineral baths and spas, ancient monasteries and fortresses and of course in the winter the area offers the full range of winter sports including skiing and snowboarding.


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Investing in Bulgarian Property

The Bulgaria real estate market has seen significant changes over the last 10 years. After joining the EU in 2007 buying Bulgaria properties became very popular as an overseas property investment. This drove up prices and led to over development in certain areas, most notably along the Black Sea coastline and in the Bansko ski resort. When the global financial crisis hit in 2009 the prices of property in Bulgaria dropped due to the lack of credit and the oversupply of poor quality properties in these locations.

Now in 2019 Bulgaria real estate prices have started to increase and both local and international investors are again buying Bulgarian properties. We are happy to say that the market has really started to move in the last 12 months. Buyers are being enticed by prices that in some cases are up to 50% below peak values and in a lot of cases properties in Bulgaria can now by purchased very close to the actual cost of construction. This makes them a great medium to long term investment as the cost of construction is continuously rising due to wage and commodity inflation. Over the last 10 years there has never been a better time to invest in Bulgaria real estate.

About our Borovets Properties

We can offer you a range of properties in Borovets from ski apartments to luxury chalets and even older village style properties.

  • The Chamkoria Chalets holiday village was designed, built and is now managed by our company Concept Bulgaria Ltd. The development is located in the forests near Borovets with amazing views of the Rila mountains and the ski slopes. The apartments are now for sale at significantly reduced prices starting from just €500 per m2. At these prices they reflect the best value we have seen in the Borovets area for over 10 years. These Bulgarian apartments are now for sale below the cost of construction which makes this an ideal time to buy if you are looking for a medium to long term investment. The apartments are fully completed and ready for the coming season.
  • If you are looking for something larger than an apartment we can also offer brand new 4-5 bedroom luxury chalets starting from just €129,500.
  • If you are interested in a renovation project or a local village property our local contacts can source a range of houses for sale.

Take a look at our completed chalets and apartments in the videos below or contact us now for more information.


Property in Bulgaria

The Bulgaria real estate market varies from old houses in rural villages, to beach properties, modern city apartments and luxury ski apartments and chalets in the mountain resorts. However not all Bulgaria properties can be considered as good investments at this stage in the Bulgaria real estate cycle.

Whether you are buying property in Bulgaria as an investment strategy or as a personal holiday home it is important that you research the market and find the right Bulgarian real estate to suit your needs. Having researched the Bulgarian properties market in detail we have picked Borovets ski resort as the area best suited to future growth. The key reasons why you should consider buying Borovets property right now are;

  • Prices in the Borovets area are at the lowest level in the last 10 years
  • Many properties are for sale at below or near the cost of construction
  • Good value property is a very safe hedge against inflation. The cost of construction is continuously rising due to increased wages and commodity prices. This means property prices will continue to rise in the future
  • At present the global financial system is in crisis. Why leave your money in a bank which might go bust tomorrow leaving you with nothing. When you invest in property in Bulgaria you have a tangible asset which you own and control. In the current financial environment the old saying "as safe as houses" has never been more true
  • Bulgaria is on track to join the Schengen free travel zone in 2016. This will bring with it increased investment as businesses and individuals relocate to Bulgaria to gain access to the EU markets. This in turn will drive up the price of the Bulgarian properties market.
  • Bulgaria has one of the lowest debt to GDP ratios in the EU and is currently receiving significant inwards investment from Europe.
  • On some of our Bulgarian apartments we offer financing up to 50%.
  • We recommend Borovets property as the best medium term investment in Bulgaria properties. Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria and the closest to Sofia. Sofia is the main transport hub and centre of wealth in Bulgaria. By buying real estate close to the capital you are securing the future growth and rental of your Bulgarian property.
  • 95% of Borovets is covered in forests and national park. This means there is very limited building land in Borovets and the area cannot become overdeveloped. Borovets has not and can not suffer from the same overdevelopment that has happened in places like the Black Sea coastline or Bansko ski resort. This is very important for the future growth of your Bulgaria properties both in terms of resale and rental.

Bulgarian Property News

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