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Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

28th November 2008

The concrete roof construction of the apartment building has now been completed. It was quite a sight to see the concrete pump reaching up to the top of the building, not to mind the workers who were up on the roof laying the concrete. The next stage for the apartment building roof is to attach the insulation, timber, water-proof membrane, and finally the roof tiles.

Chalets 9 & 10 have had the second floor poured and the builders are preparing the shuttering for the supporting walls of the roof. The brick work team has started on the external walls on the ground floor of these two chalets.

From the photos you can see the plumbing that is in place on many of the chalets now. The roof installation on chalets 3 & 4 is nearing completion. The last photo below was taken from the living room of chalet 7. What a fantastic view to look at from your cozy chalet, sitting by the fire with a glass of wine in hand after a hard day of skiing!

A view of chalets 1 & 2.The roofs are now completed on these chalets.
Installing the steel for the final level of the apartment building.
Work progressing on the top level of chalets 9 & 10.
The brick work has now commenced on the lower level of chalets 9 & 10.
The first phase plumbing work in one of the chalets.
Another view of the chalet plumbing work. Chalets 1,2,5,6,7 and 8 now have their first phase plumbing and electrics completed.
Pouring concrete on the apartment building roof. 
Installing hydro-insulation on the roof of chalets 3 & 4.
A view of the east side of the apartment building with the workers finishing the concrete on the roof level.
Another view of the concrete work progressing on the roof.
The view from the living room of chalet 7.

14th November 2008

The first roof on the apartment building was poured last week and you can really start to see the shape of the building. The concrete construction is complete on the north section which only leaves the top level of the south section to be poured. In only about two weeks the entire concrete roof construction of the apartment building will be completed and the roof tiling will commence. The brick work on the apartment building, both internally and externally, continues at a swift pace. The first phase of plumbing has also started in this building.

Construction of the first floor has completed on chalets 9 & 10 and they are now preparing to pour the second floor. These two chalets are catching up fast on all the other chalets!

You can see the roof tiles have been put on chalets 1, 2, 5, & 6, and chalets 7 & 8 will follow shortly as the roof installation has now been completed on them. The guttering has also been put in place in chalets 1, 2, 5, & 6. Now we are moving onto the roof installation on chalets 3 & 4. The first phase of electrical and plumbing work has now been completed on several of the chalets.

Laying the roof tiles on chalets 5 and 6
Installing the hydroinsulation on the roof of chalets 7 and 8
A shot of one of the internal hallways in the apartment building
The first phase water installations are now progressing in the apartment building
Chalets 9 and 10 have now reached the second floor level
Pouring concrete on the roof level at the north end of the apartment building
A shot of the apartment building from the east side with work progressing on the roof level
Shuttering being installed for the final level of the apartment building
A shot of the complex from a distance