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Bulgarian Property & Real Estate News

Foreign Investments continue in Bulgaria Properties

It is every country’s wish to have an increasing number of foreign investors choosing their country as the choice destination for their various investment endeavors. Every country tries to encourage this by use of various incentives such as tax advantages extended to investors in addition to increasing the flow of investments. This is so mainly because most countries realize the benefits that come with increased investments.

Bulgaria has managed to provide an ample environment for investors and thus making it possible for investors interested in buying Bulgaria Properties to easily carry out their transactions. This, the government of Bulgaria has been able to achieve in recent years through the simplification of the various requirements and procedures that are mandatory for one to comply with before being allowed to invest in Bulgaria properties for sale. This simplification of requirements has significantly reduced the cost and time required for people to get to own Bulgaria properties, thus making the country very attractive to foreign investors. The reduction of income and corporate taxes to just 10% has also greatly encouraged investments in Bulgaria

The country has worked to improve transparency in the Bulgaria properties market, and this level of predictability has also added to its allure as a target for foreign investors to buy Bulgaria properties for sale. Several new laws were passed in 2011, aimed at improving the quality of Bulgarian real estate agents and introducing better controls within the real estate sector. The increase in the level of investments has seen various developments in the whole economy of the country as it has meant that there are more capital inflows. This has led to the consistent developments of other sectors of the economy in the country. The buildup of infrastructure, spurred by both the increasing money flow in the country and the country’s need to boost the Bulgaria property sales has also led to increasing economical activities in other sectors as the environment in the country is being made better and better. Read more…

Bulgarian properties for sale – look online for the best bargains

The Bulgarian real estate industry has made major leaps in terms of investments and provision of infrastructure to make dealings in real estate not only more transparent, but also efficient and effective. This is one of the reasons for the continued increase in the amount of foreign investments flowing into the country. One of the things that have spurred the growth in the real estate industry is the availability of most of the companies and agencies dealing in Bulgarian properties for sale online. This makes it very easy for investors, both local and international, to easily get information on the available pieces of real estate and the various prices with which they can be able to get to own properties for sale in Bulgaria.

However, this does not mean that the fact that one uses the online services that are available to an investor or to a seller that he or she is guaranteed to get better deals as opposed to the ones who do not. Using online services can be disastrous for an investor if one does not go about the process of looking for Bulgarian properties for sale, properly. He or she might easily fall to the many fraudsters in the internet or may end up overpaying for any property for sale in Bulgaria.

One of the things that one has to do is to ensure that the site he chooses as a base for his online investment activities has a good reputation. This is essential especially considering the fact that there are many fake sites on the web that purport to carry out Bulgarian property sales but which actually are not. These sites are usually designed to con many unsuspecting investors and thus one should be wary when going online. It is always important to remember that the fact that a site exists on the internet does not mean that it is safe. One should also look at the paying system available and security guarantees that the particular site offers so as to ensure that all his or her financial and private date is safe. Read more…

Bulgarian properties expected to stay flat

Bulgarian properties have dropped in price by 5-10% during 2011 according to the latest data released this week. Most Bulgarian real estate brokers are predicting flat property prices for 2012 but with an increased number of property deals.

In Sofia the Bulgarian property prices remain around 920 euros/m2 which is reduced from 1100 euros/m2 in 2010.

Prices for Black sea coast properties are at an average of 860 euros/m2 while in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv the average level is around 770 euros/m2. The Bulgarian properties in the ski resort of Bansko have suffered in excess of 25% falls during 2010. According to local Bansko real estate agents the market is very quiet and there is still a large over supply of properties both for sale and rental. Read more…

Bulgaria property sales to expats up 10%

So far this year Bulgaria property sales to Bulgarians working abroad have increased 10% , said local Bulgaria property agency Address. The number of transactions spikes during the summer period when they arrive here for their mid-year holidays. Address distinguishes between several types of expat customers, depending on their career status abroad. Read more…

Bulgarian properties desirable to foreigner investors

A recent property investment report has listed Bulgarian properties as the number 3 most desirable residential property investment in Europe. The report published by the GPG guide checked several countries to assess the most attractive locations for overseas investment. Bulgarian properties came position 3 with gross rental yields of up to 11%, strong economic improvements and cheap prices. Slovakia was the country in the first position with very cheap house prices, a strong growing economy, and low taxes.  In second position was Turkey.

This popularity has resulted in over 300million euros of Bulgarian property purchase in Q3 2007. Foreign investors and property companies have made significant investment in Bulgarian properties during the first quester. In the same period of 2006 just 200 million euros was invested in Bulgarian property. Bulgaria real estate buys accounted for almost 40% of all foreign direct investment during Q1. During 2006 foreign investors purchased some 1.2 billion euros of Bulgarian real estate. British buyers remain one of the largest investment groupings in te country and they are focusing mostly on coastal beach properties along the Black Sea coast.

After Britain other large investors come from Greece, Ireland and Spain. Since joining the EU in January of this year there has been increased interest in Bulgarian property

Bulgaria Property – is now the time ?

There is a lot of debate just now about buying Bulgarian property. Many argue that it is too late and that prices have already risen by too much. Such a broad answer however is not possible. For sure if you buy in the overdeveloped coastal resorts then this is not a good idea. Prices here have already risen too fast and are reaching bubble territory.

With the growing tourist numbers arriving in the countries and many global countires looking to relocate to Bulgaria there are still many good investments if you choose carefully. Although there has been strong increased over the last 3 years, Bulgaria property prices still offer opportunities for investors if you look in the right location. Read more…

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