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Is there hope for the Bulgaria Real Estate market?

According to the market analysis reports, in 2011, the property prices in the Bulgaria real estate market dropped by an average of 8% as against the drop of 8.3% in 2010. With this report, it was concluded that the decrease of the prices of real estate in Bulgaria is slowly decelerating. Therefore, the concerned agencies are in a hope that this trend will stop in 2012.

According to the survey of real estate agency Bulgarian Properties, this decrease in prices of the Bulgarian real estate for sale has attracted an increasing number of settled deals in the nation. The statistics reveal that this rise is almost of 15% considering the prices of 2010 as the base. In 2011, the paid average price for a one bedroom apartment in any of the big cities ranged from 20,000 to 60,000 Euro.

This Bulgaria real estate agency also surprisingly noticed that only the properties in the beach resort of Sveti Vlas have sustained relatively high prices despite the falling trend. To buy Bulgaria real estate in this area before three years, one had to pay even less than 1,000 euro per sq. m., but today, the prices are even higher than those in Varna and Sofia. According to the Chief Operations Manager of Bulgarian Properties, Polina Stoykova; Sveti Vlas has now become an exception as a resort with stable real estate prices.

She further commented that 2011 was not that good year for ski resort holiday homes, especially for those in Bansko, as the apartment prices since 2010 fell by 25%, which was significant. In 2011, the average price of the apartments sold in this area was 35,000 Euro, which was lower than the price of 42,800 Euro in 2010. Even the number of deals has decreased in 2011 for this area. She highlighted that prices for property in Borovets have held up much better due to the lack of development in the area and as a result a shortage of suitable properties for sale.

Polina also discussed about the rural Bulgaria real estate. She said that following stabilization in the interest for rustic options as well as a hike in the deals in 2010, the price levels were almost similar in 2011 with a minor fall in the number of sales. This was because the buyers were more interested in costly houses that were fully furbished to live in. As a result, there was a hike in the average prices of settled deals in most areas in 2011, particularly in the regions of Veliko Tarnovo and Varna. Cheap Bulgarian Properties in rural villages are no longer as popular as they were. This is due to the high cost of renovating and maintaining such properties. It is often cheaper in the long run to buy a newly completed property.

However, on the other hand, the prices of rural Bulgaria real estate in the areas of Stara Zagora and Bourgas have almost been identical to those in 2010. But in a few areas such as Yambol, Plovdiv, Pleven, and Kardzhali, the prices have dropped. This indicates that the interest in the rural properties of Northwestern Bulgaria is not that high. According to the Forton international, with 200 million Euro as the total volume, the nation has become one of the Europe’s Top 10 destinations for investment in 2011. Even the research shows that the investment deals in the continent increased by 7.8% in 2011. So, a wave of optimism has stated to show its effects on Bulgarian real estate prices.

Since the start of 2012 EU citizens have been able to purchase land and properties in Bulgaria without the need to setup a company. This has made the whole process for buying real estate in Bulgaria much easier and it is hoped that this will also increase the demand and sales.

Property in Bulgaria – things to consider if buying Bulgarian properties

The current real estate market in Bulgaria is very promising and has a lot of business opportunities for one to make a lot of money. Bulgarian properties are at their lowest price level in many years making this an ideal time to invest. Whether it is in terms of long term investments where one wants to keep the Bulgarian properties for a long period of time before deciding whether to sell it or where one wants to find property in Bulgaria for the sake of developing it and then selling it after a short while. For both types of investors, a key thing that they should keep in mind is that as long as making a profit is their key concern, the type of properties in Bulgaria that they settle for and the prices that they choose to buy property in Bulgaria. In addition to the low prices and excellent opportunities for investing in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian law regarding property ownership has recently changed to allow foreigners to purchase Bulgarian properties in their own name and provides additional protection for the buyers. We will write more about these changes to the ownership laws in a future update but for now you can be confident that the process for buying Bulgarian properties has been much more streamlined.

The first question that any person should ask himself or herself has to do with the type of property that the particular person wants. This is because there are various types of property in Bulgaria and thus one should be sure of what he or she really wants. The decision on which properties in Bulgaria one wants should be based on the particular investor’s needs and liking. He or she will have to consider the purpose for which the piece of real estate that he intends to buy will be put to use. This will also depend on the particular business that the person is involved in. People who mainly deal in apartments will look for apartment properties on sale, while those who specialize in trading in home real estate properties and who believe the current market for Bulgarian properties is favorable for such, he or she will have to look for real estate that has been designed as a home. Read more…

Bulgarian properties down but not out

The latest report from the Bulgarian Properties real estate agent in Sofia shows that prices for holiday properties across the country have dropped in 2011. The largest drops were in Sunny Beach and Bansko where prices are now less than 50% of the level they were in 2008. In terms of the ski resorts there is still a large over supply of properties in the Bansko area and this is forcing prices lower. Average prices in Bansko are now around 400-460 euros per m2 however there are still many properties available on the market so buyers must be cautious. Prices for Borovets properties are stronger as there is very little supply in the area.

UK holiday home purchasers have been replaced by Russians as the largest purchasers of Bulgarian holiday properties. Investors from Ukraine, Greece and Serbia are also showing interest in Bulgarian properties. Read more…

Bulgarian properties expected to stay flat

Bulgarian properties have dropped in price by 5-10% during 2011 according to the latest data released this week. Most Bulgarian real estate brokers are predicting flat property prices for 2012 but with an increased number of property deals.

In Sofia the Bulgarian property prices remain around 920 euros/m2 which is reduced from 1100 euros/m2 in 2010.

Prices for Black sea coast properties are at an average of 860 euros/m2 while in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv the average level is around 770 euros/m2. The Bulgarian properties in the ski resort of Bansko have suffered in excess of 25% falls during 2010. According to local Bansko real estate agents the market is very quiet and there is still a large over supply of properties both for sale and rental. Read more…

Bulgaria apartment prices down in Q1

Bulgarian apartments for sale in the capital city Sofia have decreased 8% in Q1 this year.

The prices of Bulgaria apartments averaged 860 euro/sq.m in Sofia in Q1 2011 down from 920 euro/sq.m in Q4 2010. This is based on apartments listed with the Bulgarian Properties estate agent.

Sales of apartments in Bulgaria have increased 100% compared to 2010 with the main focus of sale being for apartments in Sofia.

Bulgarian real estate agents expect that apartment prices will continue to increase in the Sofia region due to population growth and movement from smaller regional towns. It is expected that many of these new arrivals in Sofia will focus on buying bulgarian apartments in the capital as this is where the best opportunities for jobs are based.

Bulgarian apartment prices are stablising in 2011 having decreased for 2 years following the bursting of the credit bubble in 2008.

Property Investment Funds Check Out Bulgarian Spa Properties

Several Russian property investment funds have been reviewing Bulgarian properties on the Black Sea coast and in the spa areas of Bulgaria.

According to FIABCI the Russian real estate federation that focuses on Bulgarian properties,  there is growing interest by Russian investors in Bulgarian tourist property. Already many private Russian investors have purchased Bulgarian properties along the Black Sea coast and in the mountain ski resorts. These new investment funds plan to purchase Bulgaria real estate plots near Spa areas so that their can then build vacation properties to meet the growing demand from Russian investors.

Some of the funds are even considering purchasing whole complexes and then reselling these properties on the Russian market

Bulgarian real estate agents to set new standards

Over the next six months, new European standards, regulating real estate agencies, are to be adopted by all Bulgarian real estate agents, according to Maya Staneva, Director of the Bulgarian Institute for Standards. Staneva spoke during a national conference-discussion covering the current issues in the Bulgarian real estate sector.

The new real estate standards have been worked on for the last three years and they are currently at the final ratification stage in all member countries of the European Union, including Bulgaria. Read more…

Commercial Property in Bulgaria remains stable

New business property in Bulgaria has increased by a minimal amount in the first half of 2008. However several large scale office development are expected to enter the market over the next two years according to Raiffeisen Bulgarian Real Estate.

The market for retail and commercial Bulgarian properties remains stable and should see strong growth in the medium and the long term. It is estimated that foreign direct investments in the Bulgarian real estate market have declined by over 30% in the first six months over the year. Read more…

New Bulgarian real estate development commences in Plovdiv

Israeli and Bulgarian real estate company Melina will start work next week on its €65M real estate development in Plovdiv city center. The Markovo Tepe Mall will contain a mix of retail and business properties with an area of 8500m2.

The main project contractor will be Turkish company Intertek who is well experienced in the Bulgarian real estate market. Forton International will arrange the market and rental of the complex. Read more…

Bulgarian Real Estate to grow 15% in 2008

Bulgarian real estate company ERA has predicted a 15% increase in the prices of Bulgarian real estate during 2008. ERA says, the number of Bulgaria real estate deals during 2007 grew between 4% and 5%. Around 25% of the deals were made by overseas investors. 2 bedroom apartments with an approx area of 60m2 remain the most popular type of Bulgarian real estate. The annual increase of in mortgage credits is estimated at 62%, compared to an average increase of around 7% in the Eurozone area. Read more…

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