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Bulgarian Property & Real Estate News

Good news in general for Bulgarian tourism

The business traveler segment of Bulgaria tourism market has suffered a slowdown in Q1 2012. Many of the business hotels in Sofia have reported poor trading so far in 2012. The drop in bookings is attributed to 2 main factors; firstly the continued global economic problems and secondly the extremely cold weather in Sofia for the first 2 months of the year.

By contracts the local ski resorts have benefitted from the extreme weather and are enjoying one of the best seasons in several years. As well as an increase in foreign tourists there has been a boost from more Bulgarian skiers and snow boarders. Read more…

Bulgarian properties in ski resorts expected to attract more Russians

Bulgarian real estate agents are involved this week in one of the largest international property exhibitions in Moscow.  They are presenting the latest Bulgarian properties to Russian investors interested in investing in Bulgaria.

With the ski season quickly approaching there is a focus on ski properties in Bulgaria. Agents are hoping to repeat the success they have had in attracting Russians to invest in the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal regions.

Attractive property prices are hoped to increase the number of Russian investors in the country’s ski resorts. Read more…

Bulgarian golf courses aiming for rapid growth

Bulgaria real estate developers have already realised the huge attraction of top quality golf courses. 5 signature golf courses – being designed by golf stars like Ian Woosnam, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus – are planned in various parts of the country.

Bulgarian real estate investors have realized that by building a golf course in an excellent location and combining it with quality facilities such as spa and wellness centers, horse riding, tennis, skiing and so on, gives you an excellent all season product. Golf brings to Bulgaria property investors something more up market and not associated with the more broad market budget type locations such as the Black Sea coastal resorts. Read more…

Property in Bulgaria Still Ranks in Top 3 Property Investment locations

Property in Bulgaria is currently ranked as one of the top 3 property investments in Europe. According to leading UK real estate experts Bulgaria and Cyprus are currently the favourite locations from British buyers.

Bulgarian properties remain cheap and affordable and buyers are attracted mostly to the new developments on the coast and in the ski resorts. The capital Sofia is also popular with investors more focused on rental yields. Tourism is booming within Bulgaria and many investors are betting that this will result in increasing prices for property in the Bulgarian ski resorts and coastal holiday villages.

Bulgarian tourism generated in excess of 2 billion euros of income this year from four million tourists. The tourism segment measures almost 15% of Bulgaria’s gross domestic produce and creates more than 150,000 jobs. The goverments target si to increase visitor numbers to 8 million over the next 10 years. International tourism experts believe that this is highly possible based on the wide variety of Bulgarian tourism locations and experiences. The country can over, beach holidays, skiing and snowboarding, spa tourism, heritage and historic trips, wine tasting holiday and many other tourist options.

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