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Advice for buying ski chalets

If you plan to buy ski chalets, then you should read this article so that you will be able to come up with the best possible decisions. There are a lot of ski chalets for sale. As you know, buying a chalet is a long term investment. You will be able to use it personally and at the same time it can be a great source of income. The cost of ski properties is continuously rising over the years. Therefore, whatever your purpose of buying a ski property you will definitely enjoy a great advantage. Ideally, a person chooses to buy a ski property for personal use. However, throughout the years it can be a perfect income generating property. Not all people have the ability to buy a chalet. Hence if you own one, you can have it rented out.

There are a lot of chalets for sale. If you are searching for chalets for sale, the internet is the best place to be. If you want to buy ski apartments, there are also available ski apartments. In fact, the internet is offering multitudes of choices. Whether you are a ski enthusiasts or a businessman, you can definitely take advantage of ski properties. If you want your chalets to be rented, you can advertise it online. Most people who search for ski rental flood into the internet. There are different types of ski properties to choose from. The prices of the ski properties also vary. One great factor that can affect your choice is the budget. Through the internet, you will be able to find a ski property that would suit your needs.

At present the prices for ski chalets in Bulgaria is very competitive. Following the bubble years of 2004-2008 prices have dropped a lot recently and now it is possible to find chalets for sale in Bulgaria starting from just 100,000 euros. If you are looking for a chalet to renovate then you can find even cheaper properties in Bulgaria. Cheap village properties can be purchased for as little as 25,000 euros however you should be aware that the cost of renovation is often as expensive as a completely new build. Also with village properties the services and facilities expected by people who buy chalets are often available in these village locations. With prices for new build chalets and ski apartments at record lows we recommend that you focus on a modern chalet as it will be more comfortable and be easier to manage and maintain from abroad.

If you are looking for chalets for sale, choose the one that is more appealing to you. Skiers would definitely love to rent out the place if the ski property has an appealing ambiance. Choose the property that will give you a perfect location for skiing, but at the same time provides easy access to different amenities. The ski property should be close to nature, but not far enough for modernization. The choice of the property basically depends on your personal preference. If you are not personally using the place, you can open the place for rental. It would be a perfect source of income. You should also consider transport links. For chalets for sale in Bulgaria the best location is Borovets ski resort as this is the closest ski resort to the capital Sofia and closest to the main international airport. Distance to the airport is a very important factor for tourist travelling from abroad so if you intend to rent you ski chalet you need to consider this also.

Most ski enthusiasts do not just use the ski property just for their hobby. It is also a form of relaxation and stress reliever. So as much as possible, you should buy a ski property that has a relaxing ambiance. Try to find a location that is peaceful and surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. People who go on ski holiday tend to want to experience the real mountain nature and atmosphere. They do not want to feel like they are in a city. For this reason you should make sure that wherever you buy your ski chalet that the area is natural and not over developed.  This way the people will be enticed to rent in times you are not personally using the place. The internet offers multitude of choices for ski chalets for sale. There are different styles and features of ski chalets. The price depends on the features and style. With a huge array of choices, you can certainly find a ski property that would suit your needs and budget. The ski property real estate is offering different types of mortgage choices for prospect ski property buyers.

Bulgarian Properties Price Indexes for March 2012

At the end of the first quarter of this year, the Bulgarian Properties sales indexes revealed listing prices of the apartments in four key locations: Sunny Beach, Varna, Sofia, and Bansko. The purpose of these prices was to offer the latest information about the ongoing and new market trends in the Bulgarian property market. According to the company, its indexes have remained about the same levels since the last 6 months. Therefore, it considers this point to be a good indicator of stabilization for Bulgarian property for sale.

Starting with Sofia property, the index change in the month of Feb 2012 was 0.07%, while the change in last one year was +4.55%. Further, the change measured from the highest value came up to 41.44%. The current index value for the listing apartment prices in Sofia by Bulgarian Properties is 58.56 points as of March 2012. (The base point of the index was set at 100 in January 2008) Further, the average monthly listing price is 875 Euro per sq. m. This means you can buy Bulgaria property of 200 sq. m. offered by this company in the capital at an average of 175,000 Euro. However, it was found that many deals for Bulgaria property for sale were offered at an average price of 735 Euro per sq. m.

In Varna, the index change in the month of Feb 2012 was +1.01%, while the change measured in last one year was -6.75%. The change gauged from the highest value was -42.29%. Bulgarian Properties’ current index value for listing apartment prices in this second largest city is 57.71 points as of March 2012. Coming to the average monthly price listing, it is 860 Euro per sq. m. but the deals were settled at 800 Euro per sq. m. during the year’s first quarter.

Talking about the Sunny Beach, the index change in the month of Feb 2012 was -1.91%, while the change measured in last one year was -34.39%. The change gauged from the highest value was -49.72%. However, the company’s current index value for apartment prices in this area is 50.28 points as of March 2012. Considering that this is the largest beach resort area, it is surprising to know that the average monthly listing price is 665 Euro per sq. m. for apartments. This is truly less than the prices of the aforementioned cities. Even more surprising is the fact that the deals were finalized in the first quarter at an average price of 440 Euro per sq. m.

Coming to Bansko, the index change in the month of Feb 2012 was +9.95%, while the change measured in last one year was -29.05%. The change measured from the highest value was -52.76%. However, the current index value for apartment prices measured by Bulgarian Properties in this biggest ski resort is 47.24 points as of March 2012. Despite the fact that it is a famous ski resort, the average monthly listing price here is 605 Euro per sq. m. Even more shocking was the fact that the deals in the first quarter got completed here at an average price of 465 Euro per sq. m. Well, we can conclude that a really cheap property in Bulgaria is available at this skiing destination! If you are looking for other cheap Bulgarian property in ski areas you should also check out Borovets property. It also has some very good value ski properties for sale at the moment and is much closer to the capital Sofia than Bansko, thus offering a better investment potential. Borovets apartments are very popular all year round with wealthy Bulgarians living in Sofia. They often buy a holiday apartment in Borovets and visit there at the weekends and holidays.

Ski property for sale – things to consider when buying ski property

More and more people are now taking winter sports holidays and the demand for good quality rental accommodation is growing consistently. This offers a good opportunity for owners of ski properties to reap huge financial returns for their smart investments. These handsome returns are a source of great attraction for many players seeking to enter the market and get its share of success. However there are some factors that such an investor must take into consideration before taking the plunge.

First and foremost an investor must seek to dig his or her money in a venture that would attract returns. Thus the investor should enquire into how frequent the ski property would be rented. This is an important aspect of the business because without customers renting the ski property, the investment would be meaningless. The investor needs to ask himself questions such as, how many people are willing to rent ski apartments. Would a ski resort attract a bigger clientele?

An investor should also put into consideration other activities that can be done in the ski property or around it apart from skiing. This is because most skiing happens during winter and thus the facility should be made for some other use during warmer seasons. The physical landscape around skiing facilities is usually stunning during summer and thus attracts guests who are into fishing, water rafting, and mountain climbing and so on. Thus location of the ski property for sale, be it a ski apartment or a ski resort should offer many outdoor activities. Read more…

Ski Chalets For Sale – Tips and Tricks for buying a chalet

For a lot of people, one of the essential decisions they have to take is picking the right ski chalets for sale. This is why, if you choose to rely on an expert’s help to guide you throughout the process, you must make sure your expert actually knows what he is doing. Since you don’t always have to consult a financial advisor, there are a few major aspects you need to consider when looking after ski properties to help you make the right decision. First of all, whenever you think about investing in real estate, which is exactly what ski chalets are part of, you need to make the investment according to your necessities. Do you plan to rely on this little hut for years? Is it going to be a temporary settlement? Do you hope to make money out of it? If you only want it for personal purposes, then you should not really think from an investor’s point of view, but a consumer’s one. Therefore, pick it according to your needs, necessities and location.

The ski chalets for sale you see should not only be placed in the immediate proximity of a good skiing place, but also as close as possible to your preferences and definition for comfort. It should support all your needs. If you think about the price more than about your preferences, you risk purchasing a chalet that will not satisfy you completely. You will not just feel uncomfortable in there, but you will also feel the constant need to keep improving it or to look for a new ski chalet. Read more…

Property in Bulgaria still popular with overseas investors

The latest survey from overseas property specialist TheMoveChannel has highlighted property in Bulgaria as still in the top 10 property locations for overseas investors.

The information was extracted from the overseas property enquiries  received by the website during 2011. Almost 3% of enquiries related to Bulgarian property meaning property in Bulgaria was the 8th most popular choice for British buyers.

The website director Dan Johnson also mentioned that Bulgaria property sales have been increasing throughout 2011, with low prices for winter ski property attracting most investors. In his opinion it is easy to understand the increased demand as prices are now at their lowest level in many years and offer an attractive location to place funds in the current uncertain banking environment.
He expects that the trend will continue in 2012 with the focus remaining on cheap ski property in the winter resorts.

Bulgarian properties in ski resorts expected to attract more Russians

Bulgarian real estate agents are involved this week in one of the largest international property exhibitions in Moscow.  They are presenting the latest Bulgarian properties to Russian investors interested in investing in Bulgaria.

With the ski season quickly approaching there is a focus on ski properties in Bulgaria. Agents are hoping to repeat the success they have had in attracting Russians to invest in the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal regions.

Attractive property prices are hoped to increase the number of Russian investors in the country’s ski resorts. Read more…

BenchMark Fund invests in development plot in Borovets ski resort

Real estate investment trust BenchMark Fund Estates has signed a preliminary contract for the purchase of a 9,000 m2 development plot in the Bulgarian ski resort Borovets. The company plans to build a luxury Bulgaria apartments complex with a total built-up area of approximately 12,000 m2. Building will begin within the next 3 months and should be finished by mid-2009.
Read more…

Opening ceremony held for Super Borovets Project

The ski property project, known as Super Borovets, which is located in the beautiful Rila mountains, had its official opening ceremony last Monday after several years of delays. The large property investment project includes the areas of Samokov and Beli Iskar and also several locations near the Bugarian ski resort of Borovets. The Bulgarian PM Sergey Stanishev, former king Simeon Saxe-Coburg and the Omani prime minister Qaboos bin Said  all attended the opening event. The Omani government is one if the main investors in the project.

Read more…

Equest Balkan acquires stake in Super Borovets

Equest Balkan (EIB), the Bulgarian property investment company targeting retail and financial services, infrastructure and property development in South East Europe, today announced the purchase of a 33.5% indirect equity holding in Rila Samokov 2004 AD, which is the company that owns the land and development rights for a large property development project in the Borovets ski resort in Bulgaria.

EIB has signed contracts to acquire a 33.5% interest in Rila Samokov, which owns almost 2,000,000 m2 of land for development in Borovets. EIB is paying 25.9 million euros for the property investment, made up of a payment for the equity shares and also a capital injection into Rila Samokov.

EIB owns 50% of Borovets Invest NV, which in turn owns 67% of Rila Samokov. EIB’s partner in Borovets Invest NV is an international institution. The other shareholders in Rila Samokov are the Municipality of Samokov (with 25% shareholding) and one of Bulgaria’s top construction companies Glavbolgarstroy (with 8% shareholding). Read more…

Big plans for Borovets ski resort

Several investment projects have been announced for the Samokov/Borovets ski region. The project known as Super Borovets, Mr. Hristo Kovachi and also the TIM group are all planning projects in the area. When compared to Bansko which has had some serious development over the last 2-3 years, Samokov and Borovets are calm, relaxed and seriously underdeveloped. In Bansko you is bombarded by daily announcements of new projects, new spas, new golf courses and complexs that begin to stretch the imagination. The Bansko area is littered with building materials and half constructed complexes. In Borovets it is pretty much mountains and forest with the odd hotel or development dotted around the place.

While still underdeveloped, this is positive for the Borovets area as it remains natural and unspoilt compared to the disastrous overdevelopment that has occurred in Bansko.

Still several new projects are planned for the Boroevts area. Super Borovets kicked off this month. The major shareholders in Super Borovets are the Equest Investment Fund and the Samokov municipality. The local council expect that the  project will transform the area into one of the top alpine resorts in Europe.

Hristo Kovachki is also planning several developments in the area and is expected to link with the TIM group of companies to develop a rival ski resort to the Super Borovets developers.

A major investment is expected in the area by Mr Kovacki as over the next 3 years. He plans to construct a luxury hotel, news ski pistes and a sport and leisure centre in the area.

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