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Super Borovets Plans

Super Borovets Masterplan Layout. Categorisation of Development Zones. Chamkoria Chalets and Apartments
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The map above shows the detailed plan for the Super Borovets project. The location of Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments is marked with the arrow on the right of the map. This is located in the Bialata Poliana 1310 village zone which is high in the mountains and surrounded by beautiful pine forest and national park. This is the most exclusive area in the project and there is very limited building land available in the area. Most of the existing land has already been purchased by the Sultan of Oman. The area is zoned for luxury chalets and low rise apartments and only 20% of the land will be built on. A ski gondola will link the area to the overall Borovets ski domain. A spectacular 18 hole mountain golf will also be located in this village zone.

In this area and just meters from Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments, the Sultan of Oman and Equest Balkan plc own four large plots of land. The plots are marked with a red boundary on the map. Three of the plots are shaded yellow - these are for luxury chalets and low rise apartments. One of the plots is shaded pink - this plot is zoned for the village centre and will contain small hotels, bars and restaurants.

Because Chamkoria Chalets is located in this area which is receiving such significant investment it is without doubt the best location to invest in Borovets. The surroundings are really amazing with beautiful forests and magnificent mountain views. When the Super Borovets project is completed this will definitely be the most exclusive part of the Borovets resort. If you are looking for quality apartments for sale in Bulgaria then you must consider this area.

Investment Features of Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

As mentioned The Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments development is located in the Super Borovets Bialata Poliana 1310 zone and right beside the new mountain golf course and ski gondola. This is the highest and most exclusive village in the Super Borovets plan. This part of the project is zoned primarily for luxury chalets. When completed this part of Borovets will the location of choice for discerning tourists and property owners. Some of the outstanding features of the Chamkoria Chalets development area:

  • Luxury village style development offering a range of properties from studios to 4 bedroom chalets
  • Boutique hotel style facilities including swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, bistro, mini-market and reception
  • Located just metres from the planned ski gondola and 18 hole golf course
  • All properties have magical views of the surrounding mountains and pine forests
  • Genuine all season investment due to skiing, golf, trekking, mountain biking and fishing
  • Huge capital gains due to new infrastructure - 117% projected return on investment over 5 years
  • 8% estimated annual rental return
  • Flexible payment plans and up to 60% financing available on selected properties
  • Full rental and property maintenance services backed by the Concept Bulgaria commitment to maximise your return on investment
  • Optional furnishing packs are available in a range of styles to cater for all tastes and budgets
  • Secure investment location just metres from the land holdings of the Sultan of Oman and with all building permits in place.
  • 3 new golf courses are planned in the local area – one just metres from Chamkoria Chalets
  • The complex is located in a secluded meadow surrounded by forests at a height of 1310m. It is important to understand that 95% of the Borovets area is protected forest which means there is limited development land. This means that a property like this will always increase in value and also ensures that Borovets can never become over developed.
  • The very limited supply of apartment and chalet accommodation in Borovets guarantees strong rental and resale markets in the future
  • All finishing is to a luxury standard and to the very best of European design. Three choices of kitchen units and bathroom ceramics will be available.
  • There is a clearly defined master plan for the Borovets area and very controlled development