Bulgarian Properties for Sale

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Bulgaria Properties for Sale

At Concept Bulgaria Properties Ltd we have a wide selection of properties for sale in Bulgaria. We specialise mainly in the area of Borovets property however we are happy to advise on all types of Bulgarian property. Our staff and directors live in Bulgaria so it is easy for us to understand the local property market. If you are considering investing in Bulgarian properties either for sale or rental we are happy to advise which locations and regions offer the best benefits. There is a wide range of property options available on the Bulgarian market and it is very important to check all the important factors before buying. Some parts of Bulgaria suffered from over building during the period 2002-2008 and it is important to be aware of this and avoid properties in these areas.

It is also important that you check each property to ensure that the title and documentation is correct and understand what taxes and fees are due when you purchase the property. We can provide a step by step guide on how to buy a Bulgarian real estate. This applies to all purchases so it is useful to know this information in advance of starting your property search.

If you would like further advice about buying Bulgarian properties please do not hesitate to contact us.