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Buying property in Bulgaria

Buy property in Bulgaria

Buying Property in Bulgaria

At Concept Bulgaria Property we have many years of experience in overseas property investment. We know that buying property in Bulgaria whether it is a villa, chalet or apartment is just the start of your involvement with property in Bulgaria. The real success when buying property in Bulgaria comes when your purchase is backed up by a professional range of after sales services. We believe that when you buy property in Bulgaria it is important that not only do you purchase a quality property but also you must focus on maximising the future return on your investment. To help you achieve a return from your property in Bulgaria, we provide a full range of rental and property services to ensure you are fully in control of your property and have all the tools necessary to manage and maintain it. We are confident that you will find our management services useful whether you buy property in Bulgaria as a holiday home or as an investment property.

Management of Property in Bulgaria

Property and rental management in Bulgaria is still at a very early stage of development and standards are often inconsistent. For this reason at Concept Bulgaria Property we have decided to provide all our management services in house. In this way we can ensure that we always offer the best service and standards that set the benchmark for Bulgarian property management companies.

Providing top quality service to rental customers not only improves your rental return but also increases the profile and reputation of the property you buy in Bulgaria so that when you come to resell your property it is recognised as a quality property and good investment.

Property in Bulgaria

The range of services that we provide includes:

Buying a property in Bulgaria

Buying a property in Bulgaria has become one of the most popular options for second home buyers in Europe. Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007 and as a result there has been a significant demand from investors wanting to buy property in Bulgaria. The country has many beautiful villages and towns and great investment locations, but it is important to research the market so that you find the right location to purchase property in Bulgaria.

Here at Concept Bulgaria we focus mainly on the mountain resort of Borovets because we believe it is one of the best locations to buy property in Bulgaria. The ski resort is the biggest in Bulgaria and is located close to the capital city Sofia. This means airport transfer times are short and in addition the resort is very popular with wealthy people from Sofia who like to ski there in the winter and in summer they escape to the mountains for a cooler climate. Also there are plans to expand the ski resort and create several new golf courses. For these reasons we think that Borovets is a great location to buy property in Bulgaria. Also Borovets has not suffered from the over development that has plagued other ski resorts in the country. There is a limited supply of properties and land which makes it a good choice when buying Bulgarian property.

At Concept Bulgaria we are happy to advise anyone interesting in buying property in Bulgaria. We provide all the services you will need to successfully purchase and manage your property in Bulgaria.

There are a number of things that you should be aware of when you are thinking about buying a property in Bulgaria. These includes things like rules for foreigners buying property, rules regarding the purchase taxes and notary fees, annual property taxes and other everyday things that you need to know when you buy a property in Bulgaria. Concept Bulgaria are on hand to explain all of these items and guide you through the process of buying a property in Bulgaria.