Bulgarian Property Management Services

Bulgarian Property Management

All of Concept Bulgaria’s property developments come complete with property management of the complex. This service is designed to ensure that the overall complex is maintained and run efficiently once your apartment or chalet is ready to live in. The services included in our property management package include:

The range of services that we provide includes:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the common parts of the complex
  • Providing reception staff
  • Providing security staff
  • Heating the common areas of the complex
  • Maintaining the garden, parking areas and the outside of the complex
  • Maintaining records of bills for the customers
  • Management of any common facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi
  • Clearing snow from the complex
  • Undertaking any additional repairs or improvements requested by the owners
Bulgarian Rental Management

By combining our property management package together with our unique approach to branding and rental of each development means that you have a very powerful marketing and rental management service