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Tips for buying ski property in Bulgarian ski resorts

The Bulgaria property market has popped up in the news again over the last few days, with the Bulgarian properties in ski resort being main focus for the commentary.

Commenting in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, Nicola Venning also discussed ski property in Spain’s Sierra Nevada region which is one of the most southerly ski resorts in Europe. Ski property in Spain is not what you normally think about with coastal beach property investments being much more popular in Spain. Similar to Spain, Bulgarian ski resorts are in strong demand at the moment. An increase in the number of flights from UK and Ireland has led to a surge in investment along the Black Sea coast and also in the mountain ski resorts. More direct flights are appearing all the time with the latest expected to be between Dublin and Sofia and also Dublin and Burgas.

Ms. Venning has pointed out that Bansko is an ideal ski resort for property investment, as it has recently installed new ski lift as part of a multi-million development plan which has seen the pistes increase to 65km long. Bulgaria has a lead for other ski locations in that a ski property can be purchased for little more that 20,000 euros. This combined with EU membership and a possible bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics mean that prices as sure to rise very quickly.

Bulgaria’s Tourism Agency has offered strong support for the Sofia 2014 bid. Sofia Mayor Boiko Borissov has signed an agreement called for cooperation between the city agencies and the tourism agency to maximize the success of the Olympic bid. The bid offer a selection of venues for the competition with events being spread between Sofia and the ski resorts of Borovets and Bansko. The overall cost of hosting the games is estimated and 1.2 B euros. The other cities competing in the first round are Salzburg, Sochi, Borjomi, Almaty, PyeongChang and Jaca.

Competing for the winter Olympics has helped to boost demand for Bulgaria ski property.

Bulgaria Property – is now the time ?

There is a lot of debate just now about buying Bulgarian property. Many argue that it is too late and that prices have already risen by too much. Such a broad answer however is not possible. For sure if you buy in the overdeveloped coastal resorts then this is not a good idea. Prices here have already risen too fast and are reaching bubble territory.

With the growing tourist numbers arriving in the countries and many global countires looking to relocate to Bulgaria there are still many good investments if you choose carefully. Although there has been strong increased over the last 3 years, Bulgaria property prices still offer opportunities for investors if you look in the right location. Read more…

Ski home bargains in Bulgaria property

The Bulgarian property market has been receiving more good press this week, with Bulgarian properties around the popular ski resorts given particular praise.

Writing for the Telegraph, Nicola Venning also pointed out that property investors can find surprisingly good deals in Spain, where Europe’s most southerly ski resort can be found in the Sierra Nevada. The idea of buying a ski property in Spain may seem incongruous and many investors will understandably stick to more recognised property investment locations including the Costa del Sol and Murcia. Read more…

Bulgarian Ski Property – challenging the French and Austrian ski resorts

Bulgaria ski resorts are now competing directly with resorts in Austria and France as British investors look for the next property hotspot. There has been a 40% rise in enquiries for investment property in Bulgaria over the last twelve months. Property buyers are hoping to get in now while property and apartments in Bulgaria remain cheap compared similar products elsewhere. Ski resorts such as Bansko offer cheap ski property in Bulgaria and positive investment returns, according to property investment specialist. Many investors are buying off plan at price as low as 35,000 euros for a fully furnished apartment in a luxury complex.

There was a 30% increase in British tourists to Bulgaria in 2005 and low cost airlines are increasing flights to the capital Sofia and Burgas on the coast. Several companies are targeting these new tourists and offering rental yields up to 9% guaranteed. Of course you need to weight up the risks involved in Bulgarian real estate. The property market in Bulgaria is still relatively new and not as regulated as more established locations. Property re-sales have yet to be tested as the market is very new. Read more…

Bulgaria Property investing – try out the ski resorts of Borovets and Bansko

Overseas property investors are just started to realize the potential for winter tourism in the Bulgarian property market. The country is currently one of the top property investment destinations in Europe. The ski resort of Bansko and Borovets have updated their ski facilities and accommodation and are now hoping to bid for the 2014 winter Olympics.

Bulgaria is fast becoming the new ski holiday location in Eastern Europe and Bulgarian property prices are rising as a result, with prices up over 100% in the last 2 years. However prices for property in Bulgaria are still much lower than surrounding countries such as Greece and Slovakia. The market has just started to offer mortgage finance which has lead to a boom in property demand.

Property investors from the UK are turning their backs on the more popular locations of France and Spain and looking for better profit in Bulgaria real estate. The recent article in the Telegraph highlights that that growth of low cost flight to Bulgaria will further drive up investing in Bulgaria. Prices for Bulgarian properties have risen dramatically driven by strong demand from UK buyers trying to snap up cheap properties in a country soon the join the EU. Read more…

Bulgarian Property – in top 3 locations for growth in 2006

The latest property analysis indicates a 50 per cent increase in enquiries for Bulgarian properties over the last six months. The interest comes from both property investors and also tourists interested in taking their holidays in Bulgaria.

The analysis shows that over the last couple of years property investment in Bulgaria has become popular with both private investors and also businesses. Both sets of buyers are hoping to benefit from the fast growing economy and rapid growing tourist numbers. Bulgaria is expected to join the EU in January 2007 and investor want to get in early in the hope that the country will repeat the success of holiday properties in more developed countries like France and Spain.

Many UK investors are targeting property in the beach resort in the hope of gaining from the increased tourists expected in the country. Sofia apartments have also proved popular especially as the real estate prices are very cheap compared to other similar cities in eastern Europe. Read more…

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