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More development planned for Borovets ski resort « Bulgarian Property & Real Estate News
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Bulgarian Property & Real Estate News

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More development planned for Borovets ski resort

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A second project similar to the big project “Super Borovets” it is planned by the businessman Hristo Kovachki. It will be located around the areas of Mala Tsarkva, Govedartsi and Maliovitsa which are not fair from the existing Borovets ski resort. The conceptual design plan for the area is currently being worked on and is expected to be ready by May this year. The joint venture Nadar 2006 was created last year to invest in the project. 50% of the investment is owned by Samokov municipality and the other 50% is owned by El-El Impex a company owned by Mr Kovachki.

The concept is to build 5 new tourism centres, which will cater for 8-10,000 tourists. The new resort will consist of three main zones, with 50-70 km of new ski slopes. The total investment is significantly larger than the amount invested in the Boriko area of Samokov which was over 12 million euros.

Samokov municipality owns 25% of the investment in the Boriko ski lifts. The project involves the building of a winter stadium, and a 2-seater chair-lift with capacity for 1000 tourists per hour. The plan includes 3 ski pistes for beginner skiers and also snow cannons to ensure snow throughout the winter. Two ski pistes to be known as Sitnyakovo 5 and 6 will be built in the Rila ski zone. The pistes are expected to the completed for the coming ski season. The concept is that the beginners slopes will be used by Samokov children to help development skiing in the area. The choice to invest in Borovets ski resort rather than the other Bulgarian ski resorts was because Borovets has the largest potential to expand and also it is located close to Sofia the capitial city and the location of the main airport.

These latest projects show that the ski resort of Borovets is becoming ever more interesting for ski property investors. Local real estate agents believe it will become the location for a new super resort linking Borovets with Samokov, Beli Iskar, Madjare, Govedartsi and Malyovitsa.

According to the Mayor of Samokov, Mr. Angel Nikolov, Borovets will not be a simple copy of Bansko, but will develop in an exclusive ski resort not damages by over construction like in Bansko ski resort. The project for Borovets ski resort is not planned with the same high density that has plagued development in the Bansko area. The over construction in Bansko ski resort has destroyed the area and turned it into an investment nightmare. There are now scores of half completed and abandoned building in Bansko and it is hard to know how the massive overdevelopment there will be resolved.
The development of Borovets ski resort will be planned and gradual. First the main infrastructure should and lifts, pistes, snow making facilities and supporting equipment will be constructed.


The mayor believes that the gradual development will be positive not only for the local nature and fauna but will also help the investors working in the area. The demand for Borovets property still exceeds the supply, which means prices continue to increase. Many of the new complexes bring constructed around the resort have already been sold out before construction begins.

“We are progressing slowly, because we want to be totally ready for the stage when the construction of accommodation starts. Otherwise the project might get out of control and instead of a beautiful ski resort where people will enjoy themselves and be surrounded by nature; the effect may well be a heavily built-up location. I have no intention to let this happen” said the mayor of Samokov.

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