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Bulgarian Property & Real Estate News

EU accession helps boast Bulgarian Property market

Joining the European Union has helped increase the confidence of Bulgarian property investors. Well know property investment website Buy Association claims that Bulgaria was already one of the most popular property investment locations in eastern Europe, but by joining the European Union it is now much easier for foreign investors to buy Bulgarian property and apartments. The local real estate laws are now comparable with those in Western Europe and this gives greater protection to buyers. Combining this with the increasing availability of mortgage finance means that Bulgarian apartments and investment properties a being snapped up by many investors. The increased popularity of Bulgarian properties and apartments comes from the fact that prices have risen rapidly in more development markets like Portugal and Spain. Coastal properties on the Black Sea, ski property developments and bulgaria apartments are said to be the most in demand at present.

There is still time to profit from property in Bulgaria

The first investments in Bulgarian property were long before the country even thought about joining the European union. Now that EU accession is on the way next year does that mean and Bulgarian properties are no longer good investments. Not so say leading investment brokers. In fact in their opinion the advantages brought about by joining the EU are only starting to be felt in the Bulgaria property market.

The early speculators are gone but now they are replaced by more experienced and long term buyers. Property in Bulgaria is now considered a safe investment for the medium to long term with excellent capital appreciation and rental yields. Of course the market boomed in the run up to EU membership but there are still plenty of opportunities for the careful buyer who does their homework. Read more…

Bulgaria Property prices edge up

Strong price growth appears to be continuing in Bulgaria property with the average Bulgarian apartment value rising by 1.6 per cent between April and June. The average price for a square metre of Bulgaria property has now reached 819.3 leva (£285), up from 806.1 leva (£280) in the first quarter, although the price increases have been anything but uniform.

Some of Bulgaria’s busiest areas, it seems, are experiencing the strongest house price growth, which would appear to be a reflection of Bulgaria’s progress as it approaches EU accession. Cities and town centres have gradually been developed to meet the demands of industry and tourism and Bulgaria property investors are now reaping the benefits. Read more…

New trends in Bulgarian property investment

Bulgarian real estate market tendencies show a considerable increase in the sales of hotels under construction. According to a “24 Hours Daily” report the largest part of such offers is concentrated in Bansko, Pamporovo and the seaside resorts. Until present investors showed interest in the purchase of completed hotels, especially by the seaside, or separate flats in Bulgarian apartment complexes. Read more…

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