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May 2009

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Restaurant Review

This magnificent building was erected in 1898 which was once the home of one of the first mayors of Samokov. It was renovated in 2004 and is an important cultural monument to the town of Samokov. "Кокошковата къща" (Hen House) is now open as a restaurant decorated to European style, with a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. During the winter months you can dine in the spacious dining room which has an open fireplace, and during the summer months you can enjoy lunch in the garden. There are also a few en-suite bedrooms on the upper floor of the house for guests who would like to stay in the area.

May 24th

May 24th is an official Bulgarian national holiday for Bulgarian education, culture and the Slavic alphabet. On this day, Bulgarians celebrate their culture and the creation of the Slavic alphabet by St.Cyril and St.Methodius, also known as Thessaloniki Brothers.

Welcome to our May 2009 newsletter.

Chamkoria Chalets - Construction Update

The month of May started with some unseasonably cold weather and several snow showers which made working conditions a little icy for a couple of days . For the last few weeks however we have had beautiful sunshine and work has been progressing on both the inside and outside of the properties.

On the outside we have been working on the wooden panelling that finishes off the chalets and also on the natural stone for the walls. On the inside work continues on the electrical and plumbing work and we have also started the plastering. It is great to see the apartments being plastered and starting the final finishing. In the next few weeks we will also start tiling the bathrooms.

In the top floor apartments we have started to install the Velux windows and finish the chimneys on the roof. It is now very busy on site with over 60 workers there every day. Offsite the furniture and furnishing orders are being worked on so that they will be ready when the buildings are completed.

Kuwait Investors Interested in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry reported that Bulgaria will be participating in the international exhibit "Investments and Real Estate 2009" in Kuwait. The Bulgarian exhibition area was officially opened by Ilko Shivachev, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Kuwait, and Rashid Al-Tabtabaei, the Undersecretary of the Kuwait Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The international exhibit has been organized by the Kuwait Ministry of Commerce and the Kuwait International Fair. Its launch was honoured by the Kuwait ruling family, many businessmen, and Kuwaiti journalists. Kuwaiti investors have shown increased interest towards Bulgaria despite the global financial crisis, as a result of the country's tourism and the attractive real estate prices. Apparently Kuwait invested about USD 20 M in Bulgarian properties in 2008.

Tourism From Russia And The Balkans

Records show that the number of Russian citizens receiving Bulgarian tourists visas has increased since the beginning of 2009. After a decline in January and February of 2009 compared to the previous year, the number of Russians who received Bulgarian tourist visas grew in March, April, and May.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also announced statistical data showing substantial growth in the number of people from other former Soviet and Balkan states travelling to Bulgaria in the first quarter of 2009 - Serbia (48% increase), Macedonia (40%), the Ukraine (20%), Belarus (12%), and Moldova (7%).

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If you have missed our previous newsletters and would like to see them, you can view them on our website.

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