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Issue 2 - 2010

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Copenhagen-Sofia Flights

The Danish budget airline, Cimber Sterling, will commence a service from Sofia-Copenhagen from 28th March. This regular service will operate on Thursdays and Sundays. These new flights are included in the company's summer schedule but they will be extended to a year-round service.

Vienna-Sofia Flights

Niki Lauda who is the owner of the low-cost airline FlyNiki and former Formula 1 world champion, recently landed in Sofia for his company's first flight to the Bulgarian capital. FlyNiki now has scheduled flights from Vienna to Sofia six days a week from Sunday to Friday.

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Chamkoria Chalets - Construction Update

As expected during these winter months the weather and low temperatures restricts building work. However during the warmer spells that we have had, we have been able to proceed with some tasks.

The glass balcony railings have been fitted on all the apartments and the wooden railings have been installed on the ground floor level.

In the swimming pool area the ventilation has been installed and this area has been tiled with a lovely cream stone effect tile and mosaic border.

The reception floor area has been tiled and preparation has been done for the painting work. This painting work can start as soon as the weather warms up. A lovely wooden feature wall has been put into the reception area around the stone fireplace.

You can check our website to see the latest photos on our construction updates.

Bulgaria Joining The EuroZone

Bulgaria plans to apply to join the exchange-rate mechanism, the so-called Eurozone waiting room, this year. The government made adopting the euro a top priority and is keeping its state budget deficit under 3% which is a large factor for Eurozone accession. Bulgaria's currency, the Lev, has been pegged to the Euro for many years showing its stability. Countries must be members of ERM II for two years before they can formally join the Eurozone.

The Greek crisis has triggered fears about the stability of the Eurozone and there is now significant caution about further admissions to it. It is unclear at the moment if this will impact Bulgaria's entry but the government believes that it could be ready by 2013.

Smoking Ban in Bulgaria

The full smoking ban that was due to be in effect from 1st June 2010, has been postponed. The members of parliament have decided to delay this to avoid impacting the tourist industry during these difficult economic times. The GERB party has suggested that this full smoking ban should be done in stages over the next 5 years.

In the meantime, the proposal for restaurants, bars, clubs, and coffee shops is that any establishment over 100 square meters must have a well-isolated smoking zone. For owners of such establishments with less than 100 square meters, they will be allowed to decide themselves if smoking is allowed or not on their premises. A complete smoking ban is to remain effective for all other public spaces.

Bulgaria ranks second after Greece in the EU in terms of number of regular smokers as a percentage of the population, according to a Eurobarometer survey.

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