Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

25th July 2008

We have had mixed weather over the last two weeks. The first week was glorious sunshine but this was followed by a week of thunderstorms & rain.

Six of the 10 chalets have now reached first floor. Excavations have started on two more chalets and the final two chalets will follow shortly after that.

The base layer foundations had started on the apartment building but in addition to the rain we’ve had, there has been another small hurdle in progressing further. The diggers reached a layer of very tough rock beneath the pool section. Now that this rock has been removed and the site has almost dried out, the foundations for the apartment complex can start in earnest!

11th July 2008

The base layer foundations have started on the apartment building this week. There are a lot of trucks pouring concrete on site now! On top of this base layer of concrete a damp proof membrane and insulation are installed. Then the main foundations with steel reinforcing are poured on top. The chalets are progressing nicely and you can see plenty of shuttering in place for the supporting walls of the chalets. The first of the chalets have now reached ground level and the concrete floors have been laid.