Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

31st October 2008

Work is continuing at pace on both the chalets and apartments. Construction has commenced on the final two chalets, numbers 9 and 10. There is full team now dedicated to these chalets to make sure that the roof is completed before the winter arrives.

The roof insulation has been installed on chalets 1, 2, 5 and 6 and soon we will start work on the roof tiles. The concrete roof construction has also been completed on chalets 3 and 4. The first phase of electrical and water installations has started on chalets 5, 6, 7 and 8 and the windows have been ordered for chalets 5 and 6.

Work is also continuing on the apartment building and you can start to see the roof taking shape. Next week we expect to pour the concrete for the roof on the north section of the building. In parallel the brick work on the apartments is also progressing and the ground and first floor levels are almost completed. Red bricks are used on the external walls and on internal walls Ytong thermal bricks are used to give optimum heat and sound insulation.

The concrete roof has now been completed on chalets 3 and 4
Thermal insulation and waterproof membrane being installed on chalets 1 and 2. Soon we will start installing the roof tiles on these chalets.
Work progressing on the shuttering for the roof of chalets 7 & 8
Finishing the brick work on the top floor of chalets 5 and 6.
View of the apartment building. You can see the roof shape on the north part of the building and the brick work continuing on the lower levels of the building.
The shuttering to support the concrete roof on apartment 403. Check out the beautiful views across the valley.
A shot of the internal brick work in the apartment building
The first phase of water and sewage installations has started on the chalets

17th October 2008

Autumn has arrived in Borovets and there is a magnificent array of colours to be seen on the trees. There is a little chill in the air but still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed. The mountain peaks have had their first sprinkling of snow and there was even a light fall of snow at the resort level...only for one day though! It was during a short cold spell and melted as soon as the sun shone through.

Everyone on site enjoyed a celebration last week when the construction of the first roof was completed on chalet 5 & 6. It is traditional here to put the Bulgarian flag on the first roof of the complex and to clap & cheer for the occasion! The external and internal brick work is continuing on the chalets.

Since our last update another floor of the apartment building has been poured. This is the third floor level and the builders are now preparing the shuttering for the supporting columns of the fourth floor. The first of the brick work has been started on the lower levels of the apartment building. Also the thermal & hydro insulation work on the apartment building has commenced.

3rd October 2008

Over the last 2 weeks we have had a little bit of a cold spell. This has brought some fog and alot of rain which slowed progress for a few days. On Tuesday night the mountain peaks had there first dusting of snow. However the sunshine has returned again and progress continues on the development.

We continue to work on the concrete structure of the apartment building and the second floor has now been completed. The brick work on the chalets is also progessing and we are getting ready to pour the first roof level which will be on chalets 5 & 6.

Check back again soon to see the latest updates