Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

27 February 2009

The weather for the last few weeks has been very cold and we have had lots of snow. Over 120cm fell last week at resort level. Because of the harsh weather work has been very slow during February. It is not possible to to complete things like plastering and pouring concrete at such lower temperatures. Also it is very dangerous to work on the outside of the building due to the snow and ice.

On the other hand the cold and snowy weather has been a bonus for the skiers and snowboarders who have had beautiful powder conditions over the last few weeks. We have included some recent photos from the Borovets slopes.

As the weather begins to warm up in middle of March you will start to see alot of progress on the complex.

The road to the complex after the heavy snow.
Chalets 1, 2, 5 and 6
The front of chalets 7 & 8
The east side of the apartment building.
The south side of the apartment building.
A view of the chalets from the apartment building
The view from apartment 401
The view from apartment 408
The Markujik pistes
Looking towards Mussala peak from the Markujik pistes
Another view of the pistes

06 February 2009

Nearly all of the window frames and double glazing panels have been installed on the apartments. The balcony doors have been delivered on site and are now being fitted. We expect to start installing the chalet windows in the next week. The velux windows for the top floor apartments have been ordered and they will also be installed shortly.

As you can see from the photos, work is continuing on the thermal insulation for the apartment building and the chalets. We are also continuing to work on the internal electric and plumbing installations.

The thermal insulation is being installed on the east side the apartment building.
You can see that the insulation is almost complete on the east side of the building.
Applying plaster over the thermal insulation on chalet 3.
The west side of the building. You can see that most of the windows have been installed.
Working on the roof at the north end of the apartment building.