Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

4th December 2009

Since our last update we have built the road to Chamkoria Chalets, which connects the complex with the main road. This is a significant task and is great to have it in place. We have also been busy finishing the grounds of the complex including planting some trees around the area. Some additional landscaping such as smaller bushes, grass and flowers will have to wait until springtime as they would not survive the winter here.

Work is continuing on the apartments and the installation of the apartment doors is progressing on all floors. The stairs have been put in place in the maisonettes. The other areas being worked on at the moment are the tiling of the facilities such as the swimming pool area, massage room, and restaurant WCs. The lift has also been installed in the apartment building.

The carpenters are busy fitting the kitchens at the moment. Some of the appliances have been delivered and they will be installed shortly too.

 Work on the new road to Chamkoria Chalets.
 Another view of the complex with the new road. 
 A view of the gardens of the complex.
 The apartment doors being installed.
 Tiling in the hydro-massage room.
 Tiling in the bistro wc area.
 A photo of the trees planted in the complex. 
 Another shot showing the new trees.
 Tiling in the pool area.
 A stairs in one of the maisonette apartments.  
 Another maisonette apartment.
 An apartment with painting completed.
 A kitchen being installed in one of the chalets.
 Another chalet kitchen.