Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

15th January 2010

Welcome to the first update of the New Year. We would like to wish all our clients a happy and prosperous 2010.

The carpenters were on site earlier this month to finish their tasks. Now all the mantle pieces for the fireplaces in the apartments and the chalets are in place. They also installed the wooden handrail on the main stairwell in the apartment building.

The electricians have been busy on their third phase of work which is installing the light fittings in both the apartments and chalets.

Work on the kitchen installations continues in the apartment building. The majority of the apartments now have the kitchen carcasses fitted and installation of the cupboard doors will follow shortly.

 Aran style furniture in one of the chalet bedrooms.
 A walnut style shaker kitchen in one of the chalets. 
 A stair case in the chalets.
 The living area in one of the chalets.
 An oak style kitchen in one of the chalets.
 Another view of a chalet kitchen.
 Bere style bedroom furniture. 
 view of a bathroom and bedroom.
 More Bere style furniture.
 The Valentia style bedroom furniture.  
 An entrance hall wardrobe.
 An walnut coloured kitchen.
 Another hall wardrobe.
 A view of one of the fireplaces.
 A kitchen being installed in one of the apartments.
 The main staircase in the apartment building.
 Another kitchen being installed.
 A fireplace in one of the apartments.