Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

19th September 2008

Since our last update the first floor of the apartment building has been completed. Work has started for the second floor and as you can see the builders are pouring the concrete for the supporting columns.

The construction of late has predominantly been on the apartment building as most of the chalets have already reached the top floor. Nevertheless progress continues on the chalets but at a slower pace to previous weeks. The first delivery of bricks has arrived on site and you can see the start of the brickwork for the walls on the ground floor of chalet 5. We have also started to prepare the shuttering for the roof on chalet 5 & 6.

The weather continues to be good here, although autumn has arrived and you can see the leaves starting to change colour.

5th September 2008

The ground floor of the apartment building is now complete and work is progressing well on the supporting columns for the first floor. It is great to see the first apartments taking shape. The shuttering work for the first floor level is also being prepared and we expect to complete the first floor level in the next few days.

Now that the complex work in the basement level is complete you will start to see significant progress with the concrete structure for each new floor level being completed approximately every 15 days. Very soon we will also begin the brick work which will form the walls of the building.