Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

12 September 2009

It is now very busy on site. The chalets have been completed and over the next few weeks furniture will start to arrive.

In the apartments all the plastering has been completed. The fireplaces have also been installed in the apartments. The work continues on tiling and painting in the apartment building. There is a lot of sanding and preparation work going on at the moment. It is not very interesting work but it is important to ensure that the final paint finish is accurate. We have also started tiling in the main corridors which is one of the final tiling tasks.

Outside we have started work on the grounds. We are constructing supporting walls to create the levels in the complex. In the next few weeks we will lay the paths around the complex. We want to complete this work before the winter arrives fully and the building site becomes muddy again.

A completed bathroom in Arenisca style. 
A completed bathroom in Mocha style.  
Tiling work in one of the main corridors in the apartment building.
A completed bathroom in Classic Crema style.
A completed sauna.
One of the finished bedrooms. 
Kitchen furniture waiting to be installed. 
Work is continuing on the fireplace in the reception area. 
The top floor of one of the chalets.