Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

29th August 2008

The beautiful weather has continued for the last 2 weeks. With temperatures over 25 degrees most days it is hot work for the builders. They have been focusing on chalets 7 & 8 and the apartment building for the last week. Chalets 7 & 8 have now reached the first floor level.

On the apartment building there has been a lot of progress. We have completed the complex water and drainage systems in the basement level. These have been backfilled and covered with damp proof membrane and thermal insulation. On top of the thermal insulation we have poured a layer of concrete to form the basement floor.

All the supporting columns in the basement are also complete and the team is working on the shuttering to create the ground floor level. They are now over 40 people working on site so it is very busy with workers on all sections of the building.

We expect to complete the ground floor level on the apartment building in the next few days and will be moving straight onto the next level.

15th August 2008

The builders have made very good progress over the last few weeks and the site has seen a lot of traffic with the number of cement trucks here! The foundations for the apartment building are now complete and the steel reinforcing has been put in place. The apartment building will really start to take shape over the coming weeks.

Chalets 1, 2, 3, & 4 have reached the first floor and chalets 5 & 6 have reached the top floor. The views from all the properties are really fantastic. The foundations for chalets 7 & 8 are finished and the shuttering is in place for the ground floor walls.

Work is progressing well on all the buildings and we expect to be at first floor level for all properties in early September.