Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

5th November 2009

The weather has been really changeable in Borovets over the last couple of weeks and we even had snow for a few days. The trees look really beautiful at the moment with the autumn colours and the recent snow.

There is a lot of work happening in the apartment building just now. The painting work is finished and the bathroom suites have been fitted. In the last few days they have started to lay the laminate flooring. The apartment doors have been delivered and the installation of these has started also.

On the furniture side, the kitchen installations have begun in the apartment building. In the chalets the built-in wardrobes are being fitted at the moment. The furniture deliveries and installations will continue over several weeks.

 A view of chalets 9 and 10 from the parking area.
 Looking across the driveway into the complex. 
 The road to Chamkoria Chalets.
 The parking area.
 A view of chalets 2 and 4.
 A fireplace in one of the apartments.
 An apartment with painting and flooring completed. 
 A kitchen being installed in the apartment building.
 Another apartment with painting and flooring completed.  
 On of the top floor maisonette apartments.
 A wardrobe installed in one of the chalets.
 A view of the stone paths and walls between the chalets.
 Furniture in one of the chalets.