Chamkoria Chalets & Apartments

Construction updates

27 June 2009

Over the last few weeks the weather has been very changeable. We have had nice morning sunshine but in the afternoon fierce thunderstorms which make it difficult to work outside.

The work has continued however. The outside of most chalets is now nearing completion and we have started to work on the wood and stone on the outside of the apartment building.

Inside we are continuing with the plastering. 4 of the chalets are now plastered and the others will be finished in the next 10 days. At the same time we are working on the wooden ceilings on the top floor of the chalets.

Inside the apartments we have completed the plastering on levels 1,2 and 3. Next week we will start the plastering on level 4. Work on the second phase of electricity and water connections is ongoing.

The ceramic tiling has also started and we have included some photos of the bathrooms.

A photo of the complex from the distance. You can see the outside of the buildings being completed.
A close up of one of the chalets. Most of the external work is now finished on the chalets. 
Wooden ceiling on the top floor of one of the chalets.
Another example of one of the chalet ceilings 
The apartment building. Work is continuing on the external wood and stone work. 
Tiling work in one of the bathrooms. 
Another bathroom with tiling in progress.

8 June 2009

For the last few weeks we have continued with the external wood and stone work and also internally we have been progressing with the plastering. At this stage of the project there are alot of similar tasks going on in each property. As a result some of the photos are very similar.

Several of the chalets now have the stone and wood work completed on the outside. We have also started internal plastering in chalets 5 and 6 and later in the week we will start on another 2 chalets. The internal water systems in the chalets have been pressure tested and in the next few days we will begin the tiling of the bathrooms.

Work is also continuing on the apartment building. The velux roof windows are being installed and the roof finished. Internally the plastering work in going very well. This is one of the biggest tasks at the moment. The apartments on the first and second floor have now been plastered and this week we are working on the third floor apartments.

Please check back again in a couple of weeks for more updates.

One of the chalets with the stone and wood work completed. You can also see the base layer of plaster has been applied to the first floor level.
The top floor of a chalet with plastering in progress.
Wooden paneling on the top floor ceiling of a chalet. 
A side view of another chalet. Again the stone and wood work is completed on this chalet.
The back of chalet 9 with work progressing on the external wood paneling.
The apartment building. You can see the velux roof windows being completed. We have also started the base layer of plaster on the outside.
The inside of an apartment with completed plastering. 
The corridor on the ground floor with fresh plastering.
Ducting for the ventilation in the swimming pool area.
Part of the reception area. The unplastered section is where the fireplace will be positioned.